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10 ways to avoid being kidnap as a Real Estate Consultant

by Dr Laide Okubena
10 ways to avoid being kidnap as a Real Estate Consultant

As an Entrepreneur or Sales Person Who may get Appointments to Visit Potential customers either at a office or even in their personal homes. 10 ways on How Real Estate Consultant to Make Sure You don’t end up being with Kidnappers or Criminals who disguise as a Clients

Ensuring safety when visiting potential customers is crucial for entrepreneurs and salespeople.

Looking at the case study of a Billionaire business man who owned fireman Generator company who was kidnapped and killed by criminals who disguised as Customers who wanted to buy Landed properties about 3 years ago and recently also the recent story of two ladies who met a wealthy Man ” Andrew who they met on Facebook after he promised to give them 1 Million Naira who are missing and discovered were killed may their gentle soul rest in peace.

As we look for new business may we not find what will end our lives.

Here are 10 ways to avoid falling into dangerous situations as a Real Estate Consultant.

Conduct background checks and verify the client’s business through reliable sources such as business directories, websites, and social media profiles.
Call the company’s main office to confirm the meeting details.

Suggest meeting in public places like coffee shops, restaurants, or co-working spaces instead of unfamiliar private locations.
If a visit to their office is required, ensure it’s during working hours when other employees are present.

10 ways to avoid being kidnap as a Real Estate Consultant

Inform a colleague, friend, or family member about your meeting details including the location, time, and the person you are meeting.
Set up a check-in time where you’ll contact them to confirm your safety.

Conduct initial meetings via video calls to get a sense of the client and their business before arranging an in-person visit.

Whenever possible, take a Real Estate Consultant colleague with you to the meeting.
If you must go alone, let someone accompany you to the vicinity and wait nearby.

Pay attention to any red flags during your interactions with the client. If something feels off, consider rescheduling or canceling the meeting.

7. Research the Location:

Look up the meeting location beforehand to ensure it is a legitimate and safe area.
Use mapping services to view the area and check reviews or news reports for any safety concerns.

Carry a fully charged mobile phone with emergency contact numbers pre-programmed.
Know the local emergency numbers and the location of nearby police stations or hospitals.

Use reliable transportation services such as registered taxi services or ride-sharing apps instead of public transport in unfamiliar areas.
Ensure your vehicle is in good condition and avoid isolated or poorly lit parking areas.

10. Professional Conduct:

Maintain a professional demeanor and avoid sharing personal information.
Wear appropriate business attire to blend into the business environment and appear professional.

By following these precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of encountering dangerous situations while pursuing business opportunities.

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Dr Laide Okubena

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