Chelsea beat Tottenham. Tuchel talks! “Me actually, I was in no way, shape or form content with the initial 45 minutes. There were individual exhibitions that were at that point incredible, as from Kepa, Thiago was at that point, great in first half … yet, overall we needed energy, we needed to be more tireless in duels, to choose 50-50 balls for us. I had the inclination that we needed to intrigue by unadulterated abilities, yet a game like this, in Premier League, in a derby at Tottenham isn’t just with regards to skilful play, it’s likewise about hostility and about winning duels … it’s tied in with performing better collectively … we needed energy, just, and we talked plainly about it at half-time. Second-half was an awesome presentation and a merited success in the subsequent half.

“It was a generally excellent response and I’m totally content with that presentation in the subsequent half.”

“It was a hard choice for Mason, it was by all accounts a bit additional protective from Mason to N’Golo … be that as it may, I needed to offer the hint from the discussion I wasn’t content with the energy. I was not prepared to discuss the spaces here and the spaces there … it was about ball wins, second balls, about duels and about conveying messages … allowing the certainty to develop by energy, by ball wins, by higher work rate, and by shutting players down and not being excessively receptive.”