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Golden States Warriors Wins The NBA Finals

Golden States Warriors Wins The NBA Finals

Golden states Warriors

The Golden States Warriors Clinched their fourth title in eight years. The warriors defeated Boston Celtics 103-90 in game six to win their fourth title
The warriors moved from being the worst side in the past 2 years to winning a championship. The Warriors fought like true warriors after losing Kevin Durant to a free transfer and Klay Thompson to injury into the regular season, the golden era looked over.

How The Game Went

Stephen Curry was of course name the MVP of the finals after a fantastic output having made 34 points. He didn’t stop there he also made 7 rebounds and7 assists while shooting 41.8% from deep.
Not only Stephen Curry pulled the shots, other Golden States Warriors  racked up points. Klay Thompson made 12 points in the game, while Draymond Green had a fantastic game with 12 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.


Jordan Poole was in the mood and had a crucial 15 points from the bench, while Kevon Looney had an amazing game at the offense with 7 rebounds.
Jaylen Brown of the Boston celtics made an amazing contribution to the team by shooting 32 points, the bench of Boston Celtics struggled to get them back in the game.
The Celtics took the lead 14-2 after just four minutes and were also 22-16 up toward the end of the first quarter. The warriors took the Celtics on and went on a 21-0 to take lead by 37-22 having 10 minutes to go in the half.

Stephen Curry MVP

Golden States Warriors Star Stephen Curry scored three three-pointers in the third quarter. At a point the Warriors were 72-50, Curry nodded in excitement and pointed to his ring finger.
Stephen Curry joins he like of Kareem Abdul-jabbar, LeBron James and fours others to become the seventh player to win minimum of four championships and two regular-season MVP awards.


As much as the Championship is about Curry, Thompson and Green, it is also very much about Andre Wiggins who had a fantastic game and score 15 points
It was an emotional post match interview with stephen Curry who said “You hit rock bottom with injuries and the long road ahead, never take this for granted because you never know when you’ll get back here,”
“To get back here means the world to me”.

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