MLS Teams Salaries 2022

Unlike before MLS teams are now compensating their players better. According to MLSPA, the average base salary for Senior Roster Non – Desginated players moved from $397,753 in 2021 to $438,728 in 2022. Which MLS team do you think is got the biggest payroll? And which do you think has the least?

Well let’s confirm our guesses

Toronto FC: $26,925,850

Toronto FC tops the list with players like Alenjadro Pozuelo earning $4,693,000. However signings like Federico Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne who holds the record for the highest paid MLS player in 2022. He is set to earn around $15,000,000 per season.

Atlanta United: $20,999,000

Although not all of this money is going to players currently on Atlanta’s roster. However, there is an on-loan Barco accounting for $2.2 million of the overall sum. Nevertheless players like Josef Martinez earning $4,141,667 puts them 2nd on the list.

LA Galaxy: $20,130,000

Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” is the highest paid player in the club. He is also one of the highest paid players in the MLS. He earns around $6,000,000 per year

Inter Miami FC: $ 18,880,000

Inter’s total includes Pizarro’s guaranteed compensation of $3.35 million, as well as $1.05 million in guaranteed compensation for González Pírez. In addition to Gonzalo Higuain and $1.5 million guaranteed compensation for Matuidi,

New England Revolution: $18,140,000

The highest paid player is Jozy Altidore earning $4,264,963

Chicago Fire: $17,650,000

The highest paid player in the club is the Switzerland forward Xherdan Shaquiri earning $8,153,000

Seattle Sounders: $16,980,000

The highest paid player in the club is Nicolas lodeiro earning $3,256,667

New York City FC: $15,540,000.

The highest paid players in the club is the brazillian, Thiago Martins. He earns $1,962,000.

FC Dallas: $15,030,000

The highest paid player in the club is Franco Jara earning $3,227,000.

Columbus Crew: $14,980,000

The highest paid player in the club is Lucas Zelarayan earning $3,700,000.



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